Thursday, October 30, 2014

Law of attraction and relationships

Looking for a romantic relationship? You don’t need dating services, you don’t need to frequent nightspots and you don’t need to ask your friends to set you up.  Law of Attraction relationships are natural and easy!All you need to do is to use the Law of Attraction to create the energetic environment of being ready and willing to have someone share your life. It’s a process that uses the immense creative forces of your mind. Law of Attraction relationships are natural and easy because you’ve created an energetic environment that attracts exactly the type of person you want. You do it anyway (we all do)! Having the knowledge that you can influence your personal energy and what that energy attracts will improve all of your relationships AND attract that special someone.
The Law of Attraction is very simple: like attracts like. It’s a universal law that doesn’t play favorites. It doesn’t determine who is “worthy” of love. Your life mirrors what is going on inside you so attracting the right person means projecting the kind of energy they radiate.
To attract a relationship using the Law of Attraction, follow these steps: 1. Raise your vibration. Would you rather be around someone who is happy and centered or frustrated and angry? It’s an obvious answer but it’s hard to see yourself objectively. Many people say they are optimistic and happy, but if you listen to what they say and the energetic vibe you get, you see that they are neither. What are the vibrations you're projecting?What sort of ‘vibe’ are people picking up on from you? How do you see yourself, and how do others see you? Are you cheerful or depressed? Desperate or confident? It may be hard to perceive the energy that others are feeling so look around you at the state of your relationships – are people naturally drawn to you or do you find yourself left out? Are your relationships healthy? You can only attract what you project, so raising your vibration will draw the right person to you. Use the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit to increase your personal energy frequency. 2. Be happy! Many people assume that they will be happy when… “I have the perfect mate, job, home, money, etc.” They pin their hopes on some future event that will miraculously make life good. But happiness does not lie in these things. They contribute to your life experience, but they are not the source of happiness. YOU are the source of your happiness! Be happy so that the energy you project attracts happy people. Use the Spiritual Toolkit to raise your vibration and happiness. Love attracts love. Radiate love!Also – be aware that if you project the energy of lack (“I don’t have anyone to love“) or need (“I need someone in my life“) you will attract lack and need. Instead, focus on being happy with what IS and invite that special someone to share your awesome, happy, fulfilling and rich life. 3. Have a passion. A person with a passion or purpose feels ALIVE. It’s such an awesome feeling, isn’t it, to be totally immersed in doing something you love! You’re full of energy, enthusiasm and happiness… the life force is very strong. Other people pick up on that vibe too! You’ll find yourself attracting people with the same passions – and people will be attracted to your strong life force. Your passion may be the basis for a new relationship! 4. Be interested in other people. Obvious, but tricky. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and to be the object of attention from another person but unless you become good at being fascinated by other people, they will pick up on your “it’s all about ME” attitude (very off-putting). If you’ve ever been on a date with a person who only talks about themselves and shows zero interest in you, then you know what this feels like. Date over! Cultivate an interest in people by being fascinated by the differences and similarities between human beings. What makes you tick? What is life like from your vantage point? What are your philosophies? Use the Law of Attraction to find exactly the right person for you! 5. Radiate love. It can be tempting to criticize and judge people… even in the spirit of wanting to help them improve themselves. But don’t! Your way is not necessarily their way. What’s good and right for you may be all wrong for them. Instead, radiate love to all you meet. You can silently say, “I love you” to everyone. Sure, everyone! The person at the checkout, the customer service rep on the phone, the person in the car in front of you, friends you haven’t seen in years… Meditation is a great time to do this. Starting off a meditation session by stream-of-consciousness naming people and saying, “I love to you” is a really powerful vibration-lifter. Don’t forget the people you are having difficulties with – in fact focus your love energy on them! Doing random little kindnesses for people is a great way to foster a feeling of love. Something small, like a quick note or phone call to say, “I’m thinking about you” can make someone’s day. And don’t forget yourself! Love yourself! Treasure your quirky, weird little habits. Cherish your talents and gifts. See your beauty. Feel your worthiness. Feel your one-ness with all. Happiness attracts happiness 6. Smile. A smile is a powerful thing, more than a bunch of muscles contracting in your face. It has a huge emotional impact. You can instantly change your mood and go from stressed to serene, grumpy to giggly and “go away” to “welcome.” Smiles are much more attractive than frowns or sad faces. A smile raises your vibration instantly! Start the day off by smiling at yourself in the mirror (and don’t forget to say, “I love you” to yourself!) So, are you feeling more optimistic about finding love using the Law of Attraction? Always remember that like attracts like, so raise your personal energy to brilliant new heights and attract the person you’ve always dreamed of!   10338934_757207274319907_2026461721_n

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